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The Village of Browns Valley was established in 1866 by Major Joseph R. Brown, and incorporated on February 23, 1881. It was first called Lake Traverse Post Office, but changed to Browns Valley in honor of Major Brown. It became well known for its fur trapping and hunting. The advantages of being between two lakes invited settlers to come and establish their businesses of farming, commercial fishing and mercantile. Browns Valley lies on the Continental Divide. The marker is on Highway 28 west of town. Lake Traverse on the north side of the road flow north into the Red River and further on to the Hudson Bay in Canada. Waters on the south side of the road by way of the Little Minnesota River, wind through Browns Valley into Big Stone Lake. They continue on to the Minnesota and Mississippi River until they reach the Gulf of Mexico.

The Browns Valley Economic Development Authority

(BV-EDA) is offering an incentive package of up to 10K per qualifying business that will open in downtown Browns Valley.


2020 Census Completion!
It has never been easier to repond to the census from the safety of your own home, without a census taker coming to your door.  Everyone can go online or call in to answer the 9 question census.
To complete Census:
Online: and click on the "respond now" button. You do NOT need a census ID. The census ID is linked to the physical address. If you use the ID then you will not be prompted to enter your address. If you do not use an ID, it only means that you will have to enter your address. 
Residents may choose to call: 844-330-2020 for English or
844-468-2020 for Spanish 
Completing the census is vital to the financial
well-being of the City of Browns Valley.
Government funding for a variety of programs and projects is typically based on population counts obtained thru the census program.
The City of Browns Valley appreciates your
copperation in the Census Process!
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Sheriff's Department


Emergency dial 911


Non Emergency call 


or 320.422.7800



Traverse County Sheriff's Department


Fire Department


Emergency dial 911

Fire Chief: Brad Bartz

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  • It is unlawful to shovel or blow snow from your lot onto city streets.

  • During a snow alert, 2 inches of snow or more, please move vehicles off of the street so that the public works department can get the streets cleaned and to ensure that no damage to your vehicle occurs.

  • It is the responsibility of residents that have fire hydrants on their property to keep the snow removed around them.

  • The City has verbal agreements with individual residents and/or business owners to stockpile snow on their properties until it can be removed. If you own property that snow has been piled on, and a City representative has not spoken to you about stockpiling, then the snow piles in question have been put there by someone else.  



***The City of Browns Valley is offering city lots at no cost for the construction of new homes.  Contact City Office at 320-695-2110 or

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