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Advisory Committees 

The City of Browns Valley Annually appoints individuals to serve on various committees.  See the attached document for a complete listing of appointments, designations, and committees.



Mayor: Mike Heck

Acting Mayor: Kenneth Warren

City Attorney: Traverse County Attorney, Matthew P. Franzese

Health Officer: Valley Veterinary Clinic

Fire Chief: Brad Bartz

Assistant Fire Chief: Dave Kuschel

Law Enforcement: Sheriff Trevor Wright

Library Board: Karen Nelson, Carmen Hills, Julie Metz, Erica Fischer, and Virginia Westbrock

Tree Inspector: Tony Serocki

Weed Inspector: Mike Heck

Animal Control Officer: Tony Serocki

Solid Waste Coordinator: Tony Serocki, Tony Miller

Solid Waste County Board: Mike Heck, Ken Westbrock

West Central Initiative Economic Development Board: Ken Westbrock, Tom Schmitz

EDA Representatives: Mike Heck, and Ken Warren

EDA / Planning Committee: Curt Powers, Richard Johnson, Kenny Westbrock, and Brenda Reed

Safety Coordinator: Entire Council

Official Newspaper: Valley News

Official Depository: Union State Bank, Browns Valley




Administration: Mike Heck, Kenneth Warren (Acting Mayor)

Budget: Kenneth Warren, Neil Madison

Library: Michael Heck, Neil Madison

Public Works: Tony Miller, Michael Heck

Labor: Tony Miller, Kenneth Warren

Personnel: Tony Miller, Kenneth Warren

Public Safety: The whole council

Building Committee: Kenneth Westbrock, Kenneth Miller